When businesses or commercial landlords want to improve the appearance of a building's exterior, paint is usually the most common choice. Paint can give a building an entirely new look and make it more attractive to tenants or customers. If you are considering exterior paint for your commercial structure, we are here to help.

Need Commercial Painting? Interior or Exterior?


What Is Involved in the Commercial Exterior Painting Process?

When we handle a painting project, we do more than just apply the paint. These are the main steps in the process.
Step 1
Cleaning and Preparation

If there are lights, address numbers or anything else that must be removed before painting, we do that first. We look for areas that need minor patching or sealing, and we may remove existing paint. Also, this first phase of the process includes a thorough exterior cleaning. We often use a pressure washer to clean away tough dirt and debris.
Step 2

Primer is a substance that is applied before paint. It is useful for a few reasons. It helps the paint adhere to the building's surface better, and it can help make the surface look a little smoother. On exterior wood, it is especially important for sealing in tannins that would otherwise seep out and stain the topcoat. The result is a smoother and more professional appearance.
Step 3
Painting and Finishing

We apply your chosen color of paint. The number of coats that we use depends on several factors. If you want a special coating over the paint to help protect the longevity of it, we can also apply coating substances. One of our painting consultants can help you determine the right type of coating for your needs.
Step 4
Cleanup and Inspection

Once the process is finished, our goal is to leave the property clean and attractive. If we removed exterior fixtures before painting, we carefully put them back. We clean up any supplies that are still on the job site. Also, we can clean away old paint chips if there is residue on the sidewalk from power washing. We carefully inspect our work to ensure that it is excellent and meets your expectations.

Is Exterior Painting Your Commercial Building Right for You?

Everyone has one or more reasons for wanting exterior paint on a commercial structure. These are some of the main benefits and reasons why people choose this service.

Improved Curb Appeal

If you are planning to sell your building, a fresh coat of paint is a must. It helps attract people who are passing by, and fresh paint can help improve the appearance of your building in photos.


You may want to change the color of the exterior to fit your brand. People often request this after they move into a different building. When your exterior reflects your brand colors, people will have an easier time identifying it. Brands that have distinct colors along with unique logos are often perceived as stronger.

Attracting Better Tenants

If you are a commercial property owner who is trying to attract good tenants, a professional exterior paint job can make a big difference. Tenants are often more attracted to a property that looks attractive on the outside. If you maintain a good paint coating on the outside, it suggests that you care about the building. Today, one of the most important priorities for tenants who are looking for commercial properties is finding a place that is maintained well.

Protecting the Exterior

Along with caulking and sealing, exterior paint helps create a protective layer. With paint preparation, it is easier to find small areas of damage or tiny cracks that can be fixed. Such damages can worsen as the years go by if they are not fixed. If they are neglected instead, moisture can seep in and lead to rot. If there are wood beams, rot and moisture may attract termites and other pests.

Also, prolonged moisture can lead to mold growth, which can grow behind walls and spread. Mold spores can get into the building and can negatively affect the health of occupants. A waterproof coating can add an extra layer of protection against moisture.

How Often Do You Need Exterior Painting?

Depending on several factors, exterior paint usually lasts at least a few years. In some cases, it may last longer. However, the climate, the type of siding, the time when the building is painted, the type of paint and a few other factors determine the longevity of the paint coating.

How Long Does It Take a Commercial Painting Contractor to Finish?

This is another question that varies in different situations. The size of your building, the complexity of your painting needs, the condition of the building and the exterior features are a few issues that affect the length of the project. Since each case differs, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the specifics of your structure's exterior. This will help us provide you with a customized estimate on cost, paint longevity and project duration.

Why Choose J.Canabe Painting?

If you are ready to choose a commercial painting contractor in or around Lyndhurst NJ, we are happy to serve you. We paint office buildings, single business structures and other commercial buildings. We work with restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and several other types of businesses. These are some of the reasons why our customers choose us: